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Today we publish our 100th blog post. And to celebrate that fact, in true Strongbad style, I’ve decided to answer 100 of your emails.

Ready, go…

Email #1:
“Dear David, there is this girl at my school, how do I talk to her? Thanks, Jim”

My reply: Jim, go up to this girl and say, “Hi.” Then relax and say whatever comes to mind.

Email #2:
“Dear David, I work with this girl that I really like, how do I start a conversation with her at lunch? Thanks, Bobby.”

My reply: Bobby, go up to this girl and say, “Hey.” Then relax and say whatever comes to mind.

Email #3:
“Dear David, there’s this one girl…”

OK, enough! This idea is official cancelled. Onto today’s real article…

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**The Top 10 PUA Gurus You’ve Never Heard Of**

Not many people know about these underground PUAs I’ve selected for this list, and this is a travesty. There is a ton of amazing information out there if you look a little below the surface of the big mass-marketed gurus. On with the countdown…


This guy is from the old school. He was around back as early as 1997, so he certainly knows his stuff. He’s also intimidatingly intelligent and is able to analyse psychology on such a deep level that it makes other so-called ‘gurus’ look like schoolkids.

He’s all about being that guy who gives the girl something that will have such an impact on her, she will remember it for the rest of her life. And he has such a strong understanding of female psychology, he probably ‘gets’ most women better than they get themselves.

#9 Gunwitch

This man has his own method called Gunwitch Method. His method is very direct and therefore focuses on accepting the fact that women want sex as much as men. It’s all about getting women into a sexual state through non-verbal communication. Very cool stuff.

I love his expression, “make the ho say no”. This is great advice because at least you are pushing it far enough that you either get laid or get rejected. If you don’t push it far enough for either of these two to happen then you are throwing opportunities down the drain.

#8 TokyoPUA

People sometimes question the benefit of having a cool lifestyle. TokyoPUA is great with women and also has a lot of value and does other hobbies other than just trying to pick up women. Stuff such as Weightlifting, Judo, Origami, Electric Guitar, Self Improvement and Computers and PDA’s.

He obviously has high value. He can speak fluent in English, Spanish and Japanese.

He has great skills and also knows how to get things done. He joined forces with Formhandle and together they run Fast Seduction. One of the most successful PUA websites in the world and yet is still relatively unknown. As far as I can see he has great skill and is pretty modest about it which I like.

#7 Captain Jack

Captain Jack is great at what he does. He is best know for teaching Same Night Lays and has also spent time with Sinn which would surely have given him an edge (Love Sinn or hate him, he is good with women).

His stuff usually comprises of both teaching his great techniques and also sharing his personal field reports. Field reports are a great way to learn the ‘behind closed doors’ stuff and can really help you, so if you like them then read go some of Captain Jack’s.

#6 Ben Orion

Ben definitely comes across as a friendly guy. He is a bit of a geek which is cool, cos I’m a bit of a geek myself.

He is the sort of person who you would wanna hang with. He has loads of neat little ideas that are pure gold. He does the usual routines but he does them so well including palm reading.

Should definitely check out his stuff if you feel like you are being held back by your geeky/nerdy ways :-)

#5 Zan Perrion

Zan is a dark horse of the scene. He doesn’t chase the spotlight like so many other ‘gurus’ out there. He was mentioned briefly in The Game if I recall correctly.

What I like about Zan is that he focuses on something that is often overlooked by the more, shall I say, ‘flashy’ characters in the community:- The art of being charming.

So much stuff out there focuses on the fancy lines, the cock-funny techniques, and they are all well and good but f you just use these, you can come off as a bit too arrogant and cocky, and it can actually ruin your chances. So this focus on being charming is a welcome breath of fresh air, and is crucial to having a complete skill-set when it comes to your interactions.

#4 Mark Cunningham

Also known as ‘Major Mark’. This guy has been around since the Pre-Cambrian era. Hanging out with the inception of the online ‘community’ since the early nineties.

The first time I heard Mark speak, I thought he was a chauvinistic a-hole. But later I realised that he was just talking about being a man, having strong values, and being willing to stand up for yourself, and not let others walk all over you.

He has a background in hypnosis, and specialises in changing core beliefs. He’s not glamorous, showy; he doesn’t wear furry hats or new rock boots, but his ideas and teachings are awesome, and will totally rock your world.

#3 Maniac

Maniac is a bit of a legend, to say the least. Just Google ‘Maniac High’ and read everything you can find by this guy. Trust me.

He’s spent a lot of time in Japan overcoming ‘language and cultural barriers’ so to speak.

#2 MrSex4uNYC

This guy is responsible for some of the best advice I have ever received, and I think should be part of our bible.

“Your first 1,000 approaches don’t count.”

What this means is, for those first thousand you talk to, you are purely in the ‘learning from your experience’ frame of mind, and should expect *nothing* from the interaction other than to learn and improve your skills.

This extreme focus on learning by experience was a huge aha moment for me, and once you realise the power of learning anything in this way, anything you set your mind to achieving will be possible. You just gotta get out there and do your first thousand.

You can find MySex5uNYC’s complete archives here.

And that brings us nicely to the veritable king of the unknown superstars…

#1 Toecutter

Toecutter, also known as Steve Celeste, is one of my all-time personal heroes when it comes to just being a straight-up cool guy who stands up for his values.

He combines intellectual prowess with a relentless drive to put everything he learns into practice, and learn and this attitude is something we can all be inspired by.

I remember being hugely influenced by his writings many years ago on ASF. Go check out his archives and you’ll experience so many flashes of inspiration it will make anything else seem like it was written by a five year old.

He talks about dealing with your ‘inner turmoils’ – stuff from your past that is holding you back without you even realising it.

He did release an ebook a while ago, but it hasn’t been massively marketed or anything. It was called ‘What to say after you say hello’. Worth a read certainly.

So there you have it the top 10 PUA Gurus you’ve never heard of, certainly not your normal top 10 list. All these guys are worth some further research, and I’m tempted to do a complete feature on Toecutter in the near future, as he’s such an awesome bloke.

And finally, just for luck I’ll answer one more of your emails:

“Dear David, how do you type with boxing gloves on????”

My reply: “CURSES!!!!”