I happened to run across this post today over on Roissy's blog. You can read it over there, however, instead of posting a comment over there, I thought I'd put up my thoughts for all to see. So what do I think? He is only partially right. As I alluded to in a recent post, even naturals have a system of sorts. I think that the entire PUA dating community, even Roissy, has misinterpreted what it means to be a natural.


If you look at a PUA, and you look at a natural like myself, you'll see that we both have systems and a checklist that we go down. So what is the difference? PUAs are more word specific and technical, while naturals tend to think in terms of scenarios and are less rigid than PUAs. Even though some naturals may not even recognize it, they are not "just being themselves"; I noticed this when although I wasn't reciting things word for word, I was definitely using a pattern to get senior women home.


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For example, when a PUA approaches a mature girl, they think in terms of scripts that they have to read word for word, while a natural might simply have in his head "Neg", "Get her to chase", "Disqualify myself", and then use his imagination within those parameters. The reason why naturals excel where PUAs fail, is because they are better at chunking. It is very difficult to become good at anything that has to do with processing and retrieving information if you don't know how to chunk very well.

Relating to this, naturals are more principle based than PUA's. For instance, a PUA thinks in terms of "What do I do here, what do I do now? What do I say, how do I say it?", while a natural has principles stored in his head and uses them wherever he sees fit. For example, I have a principle to always let the girl chase me. There are no specific words I say for any given scenario, however, I work off of the principle of letting the girl chase me and I get creative with it.

And lastly, what makes a natural a natural, is that he simply has more experience than most PUAs. What allows a natural to work off of principles and chunk up his material, is that he has a lot of experience with senior women, therefore, he is much more quickly able to recognize scenarios and say to himself 'I've seen this before', and quickly react to the situation without having to recall some long winded script. Given enough experience, even PUAs can become naturals in this sense.

Naturals are not what the PUA dating community is trying to define them as. We are not guys just mumbling whatever comes to mind, nor are we guys just running out there and getting in touch with our "nimbus" or whatever the hell PUAs are calling it these days. We have a system just like the PUA's, but the difference is in how we organize and recall it.


-Think linearly
-Think in terms of words, lines, and step by step processes.
-Absorb and recall a ton of information, leaving very little room for creativity.

This is why PUA's are so cumbersome and find it difficult to ever become really good with senior women.


-Think dynamically
-Think in terms of scenarios and principles
-Absorb and recall very little information, instead opting to use their own creativity based on principles.

This is why naturals are so smooth and seem like they always know what to say. It is also why guys have a difficult time learning from naturals.

Looking at the two, you can see why naturals are much more efficient with senior women. Like computers, you don't necessarily become better by adding more processing power. It's all about data storage and retrieval, something at which naturals are much better at than PUAs. By organizing information in a more efficient manner, naturals are simply able to recall information much faster than the typical PUA. Either way, natural or scripted PUA, in order to be successful with senior women, you need a system.

Although as by the PUA definition, I believe that natural game will die, however, I have to disagree with Roissy when he says what he says about natural game. Why? Because he, nor any other PUA, has managed to correctly define what it is to be a natural. It's not "just be yourself". Naturals have systems too.