You think Cosmo's got a monopoly on giving out advice through the use of quizzes? Hell no. Ours are just much shorter. 

Below are three key questions you need to know the answer to, if you're interested in learning how to flirt with women the way that will result in you actually meeting and attracting them. Go through, answer them honestly, and I'll offer analysis on the correct answer after. 

1. When I talk to a woman my main goal is to:

a) Show her what a good guy I am
b) Show her how smart I am
c) Show her how fun I am

The right answer here is C. The most important thing you can display to a woman upon meeting her is that you're the kind of guy she can have fun with. Just like the song says: "girls just want to have fun." And they just want a guy that they have the most fun with. "Fun" is the ultimate aphrodisiac to a woman. This is why flirting with a woman is so important. When you learn how to flirt, you instantly demonstrate to a woman that you're fun.

2. The best example of flirting is:
a) To tell a woman how beautiful she is
b) To make seductive glances at her
c) To playfully tease her

The correct answer is C. The best example of flirting with a woman is to tease her. Teasing a woman increases the amount of sexual tension between the two of you. When you compliment a woman you not only sound like every guy in the bar... but you also release the sexual tension because she now knows how you feel about her. If you can learn how to tease women, you'll quickly become a master at flirting with girls.

3. The best thing to tease a woman about is:
a) Her weight
b) A funny remark she made out of context
c) Her nose

The correct answer is B. Teasing a woman about her physical appearance usually comes across as mean, and only serves to make you seem insecure. Instead, tease her about the way she is acting. Maybe she has too much energy... or maybe she has a habit of not letting people finish their sentences. These little quirky personality traits are the best ways to tease her about.

Learning how to flirt with a woman is not that difficult. The first step is awareness. Once you realize that you're not skilled at flirting, you can make the decision to consciously attempt to improve.;redirect=