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Alex Winston
17. marec 2020, 11:37

I was lucky that I had a lot of wonderful guys in my life who I knew were very faithful to their SO to use as a reminder that it wasnt all men and it wasnt how men respond to me. I had just chosen the wrong guys and stayed past the expiration date.

Alex Winston
29. januar 2020, 14:32

Do you think men who know the Flirting rules and are successful with women don’t get rejected? Of course they do! 

Alex Winston
29. januar 2020, 14:27

My belief is that shyness/introversion is based far more on a lack of knowledge than anything else. The reason I feel this way is because I used to be that person. 

Alex Winston
26. december 2019, 13:14

Swedish men

Spanish men

Australian men

Greek men

Those snuggies are enormous. I think I would like one since I am always cold! It’s like my body runs a couple degrees colder than everyone else or something!

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