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Happy birthday images for guys

Happy birthday images funny Because we are not living in the now, but in the past or the future. Therefore we do not manage to be satisfied, even if everything is good and we can finally relax and enjoy the time. And when we try to focus on the moment, our thoughts drift again and again to all the bad things. Many people have the predisposition to think rather of the negative thoughts rather than focusing on the good. So you always have a nice excuse, because it was always just something, life was not running so well and anyway is against anything.

But no one who really thinks about it can wish for himself. Whether this predisposition is as strong as it is described or you are just stressed and dissatisfied because of the past or the upcoming - it will help you to consciously deal with this problem and accept it. If you decide for us to change something here birthday wishes images, we would like to help you with our experiences as well as basic suggestions. Life in the here and now (at least temporarily) Happy birthday images funny.

It sounds logical and yet trite, but it is true: what happened in the past can not be changed. No matter whether you were responsible, involved or simply concerned. Do it this way and there, but especially if you want to bring a satisfied moment, consciously! It often helps to think about it and to tell you quietly or quietly with lips movements: "No matter what happened - whether long ago or recently, whether by me or not - it is past and no longer important." Mistakes you should not mourn, but see them as an opportunity to act differently the next time - this is called experience and makes you more and more self-confident and relaxed. So if you believe that the past can not be changed and that you do not have anything to do with negative things from the past, then make yourself aware of this and tell yourself again. Happy birthday images funny.

Now, there is another trick to hide even unpleasant things that are in front of you, at least temporarily, and be satisfied in the here and now. This is about mindfulness. The whole principle of mindfulness and adherent theories and methods will be revisited and discussed in detail later. For the beginning, it is enough to know that mindfulness involves, among other things, consciously perceiving yourself and the world around you. Here are some tips which I myself would like to apply on a free Saturday or Sunday to get satisfaction in the here and now and to enjoy the moment: Taste: Focus on your taste with your morning bread, croissant, muesli, coffee or orange juice. If you pay close attention to this, you will find many more nuances in the taste than is usually the case

Happy birthday images funny Sounds: When you hear the birds chirping outside, focus on the different pitches - which song is there? Or concentrate on the rippling of the water under the shower - a frequent tip, but it simply works great. Look for more noises that you pay attention to Feelings: How does the clothing feel on your skin when you move? How does it feel to drive your teeth over your teeth or breathe deeply? Find yourself again here own things and make it a ritual, regularly to pay attention to this

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