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For every chronic illness, "miraculous drugs" are always offered. Desperate patients are particularly vulnerable to salvation. Often they have to pay a lot of money for such means or therapies. In the end they are disappointed. Now and then it turns out that criminal manufacturers mix cortisone among their medications seborrheic dermatitis scalp shampoo. Naturally, there are many natural active ingredients that can be used sensibly in psoriasis. Food supplements, which are not approved as medicines, can also have an effect. Not at every, not at every stage of the disease. This does not alter the fact that there is no means by which the psoriasis can finally be cured. Even the natural oil from South Africa loses its effect when one settles it.

For all remedies or treatments for chronic diseases: What should not be visible or palpable should not be used further. For school medicine, you should check after six weeks if the remedy helps. Gentle natural products can also show their effects only after half a year.

I am known to be critical of non-school "alternative" products. However, I could observe that Theraflax can work: A member of the Berlin self-help group came across the Internet. Especially in his joint psoriasis it has helped excellently. For years the young man had been painless for the first time best treatment for seborrheic dermatitis on face. Ten people from the Berlin group have tried this oil. After eight weeks at least four of them were very enthusiastic. The rest have not been able to detect anything or very little in their effects. In some cases the stomach has rebelled against it. In the meantime, the Berlin member has taken over the sales of Theraflax for Germany.

There is no definitive final report of the Theraflax study. In the interim report was not distinguished between patients who had only skin pso and only joint pso and those with both forms. There is no comparison group treated with placebos - that is, with ineffective oils. Such a thing is always required in Germany, if one wants to prove that a substance works. Another question is the importance of a scientific study from Bulgaria.

But not many manufacturers of food supplements or cosmetics have been tested in a comprehensive study on how their product works on patients with psoriasis seborrheic dermatitis cure permanent. They usually leave it in the case of non-verifiable claims. The manufacturer from Cape Town, Helfried Credé, was even in Berlin. He left with us the impression of a knowledgeable idealist rather than of a torn businessman. In any case, those who have reported faithfully and unsolicitedly how Theraflax has helped them are sure to be trusted.

It must be accepted that outsiders are suspicious of any means which is not approved as medicine in the medical sense. Theraflax is a food supplement. As with other dietary supplements (e.g., vitamin E or omega3 products), it is not disputed that it acts in the body. The question is only with what intensity. I could personally convince myself that there are psoriatists, who help with this oil mixture. Your skin will get better and your pain will go away. Whether you belong to this group, you have to try - as always - by yourself.


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