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I was lucky that I had a lot of wonderful guys in my life who I knew were very faithful to their SO to use as a reminder that it wasnt all men and it wasnt how men respond to me. I had just chosen the wrong guys and stayed past the expiration date.

Do you think men who know the Flirting rules and are successful with women don’t get rejected? Of course they do! 

My belief is that shyness/introversion is based far more on a lack of knowledge than anything else. The reason I feel this way is because I used to be that person. 

Swedish men

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Those snuggies are enormous. I think I would like one since I am always cold! It’s like my body runs a couple degrees colder than everyone else or something!

Portuguese men

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Romanian men

Hi Peanut I loved our Christmas together, even the crying! You’re right about Christmas-time being for spending with the people you love and love you back and I hope you know that my “family” and I are happy to have you be a part of our family now (even though it’ll only be ‘official’ next year) xo

Talked with a married black man (IR) about this topic - his thought - he sees a difference between white women who happen to marry a black man and white women who exclusively date black men. Interesting. Don’t mean to overreact, but it’s the character of white women in interracial relationships being put down, not black men or black women. 

It just comes off as so ignorant, but then again that’s just my opinion. I think anytime you “act” a certain that’s not indicative to your culture, makes you look stupid and opens it up to you being disrespected somewhere along the way…and I generally don’t feel sorry for those folks, white black or green.

https://study.mdanderson.org/eportfolios/534/Home/Feeling_Unattractive_Maybe_Youre_Ovulating It’s reassuring to know that the ovulation doldrums won’t push us to get knocked up by the wrong guy. Even if it may prompt us to buy $100 hair highlights. 

A distracted writer is a distracted love, m’dear. I think I need to show him this blog post.
Great stuff…

https://www.geniusu.com/articles/3876803 Do What You Must to Make Your Dreams into Reality

And, if I REALLY have my eye on something (Like my ridiculous Valentino red bow peep toe heels) I just buy them and do him like a rock star. Win/Win…

Let’s get right down to it. As a man, dating is a health hazard. The entire process will leave you battered, beaten, and damn near death, if you’re not doing it right. https://blog.loveawake.com/2019/04/24/the-health-dangers-of-dating/

http://digital.tubmaninstitute.ca/myomeka/posters/show/2409 THE SINGLE WORST PIECE OF ADVICE I'VE EVER HEARD

http://digital.tubmaninstitute.ca/myomeka/posters/show/1270 TO FIND YOUR PERFECT PARTNER YOU HAVE TO ASK THE RIGHT QUESTIONS